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Temple of God: 1001 Hot Wells Blvd -San Antonio, Texas 78223

Church at 1001 Hot Wells Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78223

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    God is so good. This Church was founded in Faith. It is Blessed with pure hearted humble Godly Believers. Good people that trust and believe in the Word of God. I love these people with all of my heart. Temple of God
    (A United Family) that’s always been my heartbeat. Being human I faced a season in my life that tested my faith and did everything possible to turn my heart from God. My faith has never wavered. God’s glory and his faithful believers have come together in prayer trusting God to work miracles trusting his promise and believing in his word.
    One Sunday I wrote the desire of my heart on a piece of paper. My daughter and her husband wanted children after years of disappointment they had given up.
    My Church family United in the power of Prayer in faith believed and began praying daily. On my prayer request I ask God for my daughter to have twins a boy and a girl.
    In God’s perfect time my daughter was with child. A month later she found out she was having twins. A boy and a girl. In February of 2012 she gave birth to a son and a daughter. Children of God in trusted to our care committed to our responsibilities raising them as children and grandchildren of our Heavenly Father.
    This House of worship answering prayers bringing loved ones to God.
    Temple of God is my people we grew up in this area in homes filled with love hard work little money. Yet we were rich in the values of Gods word. A person was only as good as their word. It was different back then but it was so good. Almost no possessions. Nothing blocking us from trusting and putting our faith in God. That’s the heartbeat of this Church. Being surrounded in fellowship with our Fathers Loving giving and Holy Christians. I know this is difficult times.
    A pandemic lockdowns sickness death isolation our Churches, our God all under attack like never before. Our elders the believers are strong warriors in heart they
    are fierce in the faith of almighty God.
    You may be Small in numbers but the examples testimonies and proof that God lives is because of you.
    May God Bless and keep you always
    Thank you for sharing God’s most wonderful gifts.
    Debbie H

    Added September 01, 2021 by Debbie Harris
  • Good caring and loving people. Spirit of God always present during services.

    Added September 21, 2020 by Victor R Figueroa
  • Today was my 1st time visiting..My friend Sylvia invited me and I really loved it. Everyone was really nice and made me feel welcomed. I felt so much peace and I will keep attending

    Added July 21, 2019 by Betty Estrada
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Website title: Temple of God: 1001 Hot Wells Blvd -San Antonio, Texas 78223